Music of the rock-and-roll era that references insects, compiled at great personal effort from sources on the World Wide Web. These data are presented here as an appendix to the following paper: Coelho, J.R. 2000. Insects in rock and roll music. American Entomologist 46(3):186-200. The views and opinions expressed in this page and those under it are strictly those of the author. The contents of this page have not been reviewed or approved by anyone else.
I am fully aware that this list is incomplete. It represents a "snapshot in time", so no further titles can be added to it. Because of the well-defined methods used to compile the list (see reference above), some titles were inevitably missed. They cannot be added either. Note: I own very few of these titles, and those I have are not for sale.
Contents are listed in alphabetical order by artist. VA = various artists. The article "The" has been removed from the beginning of artist names. Use the Find in Page function below to search for selected words.

Artist Album Track
3 O'Clock Every Band Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them-VA Insect Collector
3D Picnic Sunshine & Cockroaches  
6ths Wasps' Nest  
88 Butterfly Taking Shape 
89 Butterfly Raw is War  
A-Bones Music Minus Five Flea Bitten Annie
Abscess Seminal Vampires & Maggot Men  
AC/DC Fly on the wall Fly on the wall
Accused Grinning Like An Undertaker Dropping Like Flies
Acid Bath When The Kite String Pops Scream Of The Butterfly
Acid Bath When The Kite String Pops Cassie Eats Cockroaches
Action Man Adventures In Boredom Mosquito Net
Adam and the Ants Kings of the Wild Frontier Don't be square be there
Adam and the Ants Kings of the Wild Frontier Ant's invasion
Adam and the Ants Kings of the Wild Frontier "Antmusic"
Adam and the Ants Prince Charming Ant rap
Adam Ant Strip  
Add N To X On The Wires Of Our Nerves King Wasp
Admiral Bailey Butterfly-VA Butterfly
Adrenalin O.D. Sittin Pretty Bugs
Adrian Belew Here Fly
Aerosmith Rock In A Hard Place Joanie's Butterfly
Agent Steel Mad Locust Rising Mad Locust Rising
Agent Steel Mad Locust Rising (The Swarm is Upon Us)
Al Larsen The Insect Way 
Alan Parsons Project The Turn Of A Friendly Card The Gold Bug
Alastair Galbraith Mirrorwork Moth
Alex Chilton Like Flies On Sherbert  
Alice Cooper Killer Halo Of Flies
Alice Cooper Pretties For You Earwigs To Eternity
Alice Donut Mule Roaches In The Sink
Alice In Chains Jar Of Flies Whale and Wasp
Alien Ant Farm Alien Ant Farm  
Alien Faktor Arterial Spray...And Cattle Mutilations Ants, Sheep, Drunks, And Whores
Alien Sex Fiend Bat Cave Masters Mine's Full Of Maggots
Alison Moyet Alf Honey For The Bees
All Percolator Hey Bug
All The Pretty Horses Queens & Angels Locust
Allgood Ride the Bee Ride the Bee
Altered Images Happy Birthday Insects
Ambersunshower Walter T. Smith Blue Skies Butterflies
Amorphous Androgynous Tales Of Ephidrena Liquid Insects
Analogue AAD Cricket Trilogy (Part 2)
Analogue AAD Cricket Trilogy (Part 1)
Andi Harrison Butterflies & Demons Butterflies And Demons
Andy Susemihl (german) Life Among The Roaches  
Andy Williams Best Of Andy Williams Butterfly
Angel Hair Insect Mortality  
Ann Magnuson The Luv Show Dead Moth
Annihilator Alice In Hell Human Insecticide
Ant Bee Lunar Muzik  
Ant Trip Ceremony 24 Hours  
Ant-Diddley Dog w/ Rappin' Ron Bad N-Fluenz  
Anthony Phillips Dragonfly Dreams Summer Ponds And Dragonflies
Antmen of Neopop Deloused Muse Butterfly Holocaust
Anton Mizerak Unwind Dragonfly
Ants Will Love It Start in the Middle  
Anubian Lights Let Not The Flame Die Out The Locusts Call
Aphex Twin Girl Boy Beetles
Aphrodite's Child/Vangelis 666 Battle Of The Locusts
Arcane Device Trout Through A Fly's Ear
Arcane Device Trout Where Bees Go In
Archers Of Loaf All The Nations Airports Rental Sting
Archers Of Loaf All The Nations Airports Attack Of The Killer Bees
Armored Saint Symbol Of Salvation Dropping Like Flies
Arno Charles Et Les Lulu Ants In My Tea
Arnold Hillside Fleas Don't Fly
Art Of Trance Wildlife On One Mosquito
Asteroid #4 Introducing... The Asteroid #4 Honey Bee
Atomic Flea Counterrevolution Fireflies
August Sons Plants, Planets And Insects Flies
August Sons Plants, Planets And Insects Lightning Bug
August Sons Plants, Planets And Insects Locust
August Sons Plants, Planets And Insects Wasp
Augustus Pablo Dub Store 90'S Dubbing The Wasp
Aura Butterfly...Caterpillar  
Aztec Two-Step Highway Signs Cockroach Cacophony
B Thong Damage Cockroach
B. Bumble & the Stingers Golden Classics Edition 
Baby Flies A Colorful View 
Badawi Bedouin Sound Clash Attack Of The Giant Fruit Flies
Baha Men Doong Spank Mash De Roach
Barbara Cohen & Little Lizard Black Lake Moths Kiss
Barbra Streisand Butterfly  
Bardo Pond Big Laughing Jym Dragonfly
Barry Adamson Natural Born Killers-VA Hungry Ants
Barry Black Barry Black Cockroaches
Barry Brown Best Of Barry Brown Insect
Baton Rouge Shake Your Soul The Midge
baton rouge bug Between Fences  
Battershell Sunshine In Popopia Bee Song
Bauhaus Burning From The Inside Wasp
Beach Flea What's That Smell  
Bear Bugs Bugs
Bears The Bears Honey Bee
Beastie Boys Check Your Head Drunken Praying Mantis St
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin')
Beatles With The Beatles  
Beatnik Termites Taste The Sand Termite Hop
Beatrice Nine Little Stars Hung Upside Down Wasp Meet Windshield
Beck Stereopathetic Soul Manure Aphid Manure Heist
Bee Fun Night Creature  
Bee Gees Birth Of Brilliance Butterfly
Bee Stung Lips Bee Stung Lips  
Bee Zoo Boobalah  
Beehive Brand New Day 
Beekeeper Ostrich  
Beekeepers Killer Cure 
Bees Make Honey Music Every Night  
Behead The Prophet N.L.S.L. I Am That Great And Fiery Force Welcome To The New Killer Bees
Bel Canto Magic Box Big Belly Butterflies
Belle & Sebastian If You're Feeling Sinister Mayfly
Belly King The Bees
Belly King Silverfish
Benediction The Dreams You Dread Where Flies Are Born
Betty Page Jungle Girl Dance Of The Insects
Big Brother & the Holding Company Big Brother & the Holding Company Caterpillar
Big Hair The Pickle Farm Stoned Ant
Big Hair The Pickle Farm Bug Head
Big Umbrella Guru Bee Sting
Big Wheel Slowtown Bug Bites
Billie Honey to the Bee Honey to the Bee
Bitter Fly Be Your Friends  
Bizzy Bee Deep In The Jungle  
Black Angel's Death Song Super Everything Dead Bee Sting
Black Crowes Amorica Sunday Night Butterfly Waltz
Black Flag Damaged  
Black Fork Rock For Loot Mosquito
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Wasp
Blake Babies Earwig  
Blatz/Filth The Shit Split Cockroach Cafe
Blessed Event Butterfly Kisses Butterfly Kisses
Blessing Locusts & Wild Honey  
Blondie Hunter Dragonfly
Blowfly Butterfly 
Blowfly Blowfly on TV  
Blue Cheer The Original Humming Beeing  
Blue Mantis The Blue Mantis  
Blur Beetlebum Beetlebum
Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline/New Morning Day Of The Locusts
Bob Lind Best Of Bob Lind Elusive butterfly of love
Bob Telson/Little Village Songs From The Warrior Ant An Ant Alone
Bob Wiseman In Her Dream Cockroach
Bobby Jimmy And The Critters Hip Hop Prankster Close The Door (You're Letting Flies In)
Bobby Jimmy And The Critters Outrageous Rap Roaches
Bobby Vee Essential & Collectable Butterfly
Bobs Songs For Tomorrow Morning The Killer Bees
Bollweevils Weevilive  
Bomb The Bass Clear (Uk Version) Bug powder dust
Boo Radleys Giant Steps Butterfly McQueen
Boss Hog Boss Hog Beehive
Boss Hog Cold Hands Bug Purr
Bouncing Souls Hopeless Romantic Monday Morning Ant Brigade
Bo-Weevils If God Was An Astronaut  
Box Saga Filter...Killing Music - VA Black Fly
Boxcar Vertigo Insect
Boy George Cheapness & Beauty Satan's Butterfly Ball
Boy Sets Fire In Chrysalis  
Brain Bug Nightmare The Remixes  
Brainiac Hissing Prigs In Static Couture Bee Keeper's Maxim
Brendan Benson One Mississippi Insects Rule
Brian Jonestown Massacre Thank God For Mental Illness Spanish Bee
Brion Gysin Self Portrait Jumping Flies
Brook Benton Best Of Boll Weevil Song
Brown Hornet Brown Hornet  
Brown Hornet Live at the Espy Brown Hornet
Brownie Mary Naked Butterfly
Bruce Becvar Forever Blue Sky Chrysalis
Brundlefly Locked in This House 
Buckethead Colma Lone Sal Bug
Buddy Holly and the Crickets Original Voices Of The Crickets  
Buddy Holly and the Crickets Chirping Crickets  
Bug Bug 
Bug Tapping the Conversation Bug Party  
Bug Candy Bug Candy  
Bug Candy Man Eating Bugs  
Bug Guts Big Bowl Of Warm Fur  
Bug Kann & Plastic Jam Made In Two Minutes  
Bughouse Five Everything must go  
Buglite Love & Other Sorrows  
Bugluv Rocket in the Pocket  
Bugs Both Feet In It Bugs Theme
Bugskull Phantasies & Senseitions  
Built To Spill Perfect From Now On I Would Hurt A Fly
Bumble-Bee Undertow 
Bumblebee Unlimited Love Bug  
Bumblebees Mystic Barbeque Bee In Love
Bumblebees Mystic Barbeque King Bees Of The Barbeque
Bumblebees Mystic Barbeque Afro Bee
Bumblebees Bumblebees 
Bumblebees Cross-Pollination, the Bees of the Invisible  
Bunny Wailer Liberation Botha the Mosquito
Burden Fly What They Need's a Damn Good Whackin' Burden Fly
Bush Greedy Fly  
Bush Razorblade Suitcase Insect Kin
Bush Razorblade Suitcase Greedy fly
Busy Bee Thank God for Busy Bee Busy Bee's Block Party
Butterflies Butterflies  
Butterfly Child Onomatopoeia  
Butterfly Messiah Underground Musid Fanatic V.1-VA  
Butterfly Temple Veles  
Butterfly Train Distorted Retarded Peculiar  
Butterfly Tree Butterfly Tree  
Butthole Surfers Locust Abortion Technician  
Buttsteak Men Who Pause Bugs Mr. Oswald, Zillions Of Em!
Buzzfly Buzzfly  
Buzzfly Buzzfly II 
Byron Lee Soca Butterfly Soca Butterfly
Byron Stingily Testify Black Hornet Monkey Dub
Cagnet Groove Radio Dragonfly
Calvin Krime You're Feeling So Attractive Inverse Crickets And Attractive Transistors
Calvin Russell Soldier Rats & Roaches
Camper Van Beethoven Camper Van Beethoven II & III No Flies On Us
Can Delay Butterfly
Cancer Black Faith Ants (Nemesis Ride)
Candlebox Lucy Butterfly
Canned Heat Uncanned Best Of Sugar Bee
Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back To Life A Skull Full Of Maggots
Captain Beefheart Trout Mask Replica Ant Man Bee
Carcass Reek Of Putrefaction Maggot Colony
Cardiacs Sing To God Parts 1 & 2 Insect Hoofs On Lassie
Carla Olson/Mick Taylor Too Hot For Snakes Who Put The Sting On The Honeybee?
Carly Simon Boys In The Trees De Bat (Fly In Me Face)
Caron Vikre Alchemy Tattoo Insect World
Caron Vikre Alchemy Tattoo Beehive
Caterpillar Thousand Million Micronauts The worm
Catherine Sorry Inchworm VA-English
Catherine Sleepy Insect Tree
Caulfields L Beard Of Bees
Celi Bee Fly Me On The Wings Of Love 
Celi Bee & Buzzy Bunch Superman 
Chaka Khan Naughty Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly)
Champs Challenge Album Collection The Caterpillar
Chance The Gardener Day The Dogs Took Over Mosquito
Charlie Gracie Live At The Stockton Globe Butterfly
Cher All I Really Want To Do Elusive Butterfly
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Kids On The Street Trapped Inside The Planet Of The Roller-Skating Bee
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Rapid City Muscle Car Chrysalis
Chickasaw Mudd Puppies 8-Track Stomp Wasp
Chickasaw Mudd Puppies 8-Track Stomp Cicada
Chico & The Hornets Vol. 2-California Skaquake-Aft
Chip Davis Impressions The Bird And The Bee
Christian Death Prophecies The Great Swarm of Bees
Chrome Locust Chrome Locust  
Chuck Prophet Brother Aldo Queen Bee
Cicada Frogstomp Cicada
Cicada Sings Lousy Private Fuzz  
Cicadas Cicadas Still Learning How To Fly
Clarissa Silver Butterfly
Clay Helpless Amongst Friends-VA Maggots
Cleaners From Venus Golden Cleaners Drowning Butterflies
Clee-Shays The Dynamic Guitar Sounds Of... Bumble Bee
Click 'N' Cycle The Takover Bid: Round One - VA The Bee
Clutch Elephant Riders The Dragonfly
Cocobat Return of Grasshoppter  
Coil Bee Stings Glowworms/Waveterms
Coil Angelic Conversation Finite Bees
Coil Bee Stings Summer Solstice: Bee Sting
Collective Soul Dosage  
Collins Kids Hop Skip & Jump Beetle-Bug-Bop
Coolbone Brass-Hop Float Like A Butterfly
Core Revival Mosquito Song
Cottonmouth, Texas Anti-Social Butterfly
Country Teasers Country Teasers Mosquito
Counts The Counts Flies Over a Watermelon
Cradle Of Thorns Download This Roaches 4 Roaches
Cramps Stay Sick Daisys Up Your Butterfly
Cramps Bad Music For Bad People Human Fly
Crash Test Dummies A Worm's Life Swatting Flies
Creamers Hurry Up & Wait Lila (Mantis In Lace)
Creedle Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Butterflies Are Free Again
Crickets Crickets Collection  
Crust Crust Head Lice
Crust Crust Mosquito Beach
Cucumbers Where We Sleep Tonight Flies
Cult Dreamtime Butterflies
Cure Mixed up The Walk
Cure The Top Caterpillar
Curlew Bee  
Current 93 Imperium Be Locust Or Alone
Cy Curnin Mayfly  
Cyclefly Supergod 
Cycomotogoat Alkaline Army Ant
D.C.3 Vida Locust
Daddy Cool & the Groove Bug Hammer This...-VA  
Daddy O/Ant Man This Is Bass  
Daddy Roach Lacrimosa  
Dale Hawkins Oh Susie Q: The Best Of Dale Hawkins Lovin' Bug
Dance Bee Party Move 
Danny Elfman Beetlejuice-VA Beetle-Snake
Danny Elfman Beetlejuice-VA The Fly
Danny Heines Vanishing Borders Hearing Crickets?
Danyel Gerard Butterfly  
Darning Needle Dragonfly Darning Needle Dragonfly
Das Damen Triskaidekaphobe Bug
Dave Matthews Ants Marching Ants Marching
David Mingyue Liang Dream Of The Butterfly  
David Sylvian Secrets Of The Beehive  
David Sylvian Dead Bees On A Cake  
David Sylvian/Russell Mills Ember Glance: The Performance... The Bee Keeper's Apprentice
Dead Crickets Two Tons of Steel  
Dead Fly Boy Dead Fly Boy 
Dead Milkmen Eat Your Paisley Earwig
Dead Skull Team Cannabis-VA Bug
Dean Fraser Taking Chances Pupa Lick
Death Cube K Dreamatorium Maggot Dream
Death Cult Ghost Dance Butterflies, like flies?
Deborah Gibson Moonchild Butterflies Are Free
Deep Purple Butterfly Ball Wizards Convention  
Deniece Williams Gonna Take A Miracle-Best Of Black Butterfly
Dennis Alcapone Ba-Ba-Ri-Ba Skank Mosquito One
Depeche Mode Black Celebration Fly On The Windscreen
Deuter Cicada Cicada
Devin Townsend Infinity Ants
Dharma Bums Bliss B-Sting
Diana Ross & The Supremes Love Child Honey Bee (Keep Stinging Me)
Diane Zeigler Sting Of Honeybee Sting Of The Honeybee
Dick Dale Tribal Thunder Caterpillar Crawl
Didjits Hornet Pinata  
Didjits Full Nelson Reilly Eat The Roach
Diesel Boy Venus Envy Dragonfly
Dieselhed Elephant Rest Home Tying Flies
Digable Planets (Butterfly) Blowout Comb  
Digable Planets (Doodlebug) Blowout Comb The May 4th Movement Starring Doodlebug
Digable Planets (Ladybug) Blowout Comb  
Dillinger Cocaine Crab Louse
Dillinger Cocaine Crabs In My Pants
Dingle Red Dog Fleas
Dinner Is Ruined Maggot In Their Heads  
Dinosaur Jr. Bug  
Distant Locust Chemical Wedding F.  
DJ Mot Bugs, Rocks & Vampires 
Do'Ah World Dance Moth-Like Lovers Of The Night
Dogzilla There's Always Something Wrong Scarab Of Ra
Domestic Flies Domestic Flies  
Don Dixon (If) I'm A Ham Well You're A Sausage Praying Mantis
Donald Fagen Nightfly  
Donald Wilson Quartet Ask For Disorder Compilation Crotch Crickets
Donuts N' Glory When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth Fly on the wall
Doobie Brothers Doobie Brothers Beehive State
Doors L.A. Woman The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
Doug E. Fresh Play Love Bug Starski
Doughboys Whatever Death of a Queen Bee
Down Nola Pray For The Locust
Downliners Sect Singles A's & B's Insecticide
Download Download III Flight Of the Luminous Insects
Download Download III Moth
Dr. Dre The Chronic Roach (The Chronic Outro)
Dragonfly Timestream 
Dragonfly (Canada) Volume water  
Dragonfly (compilation) Order Odonata V3 The Technical Use of Sound in Magic  
Dragonfly (compilation) Dragonfly: Project II Trance Moth
Dragonfly (compilation) Order Odonata V.2 Experiments That...  
Dragonfly (compilation) Order Odonata 
Dream Double Pyramid/Magic Fly 
Drill Drill Butterfly
Drill Team Hope And Dream Explosion Bumble Bee
Drivin' N Cryin' Scarred But Smarter Another Scarlet Butterfly
Dwarves Blood Guts & Pussy Insect Whore
Dystopia One Attempted Mustache Dead Bug Cemetery
Earth Eighteen Butterfly  
Earwig Under My Skin I Am Laughing 
Earwigs Song Retains The Name-VA 
East Ash Ellie Northpole Butterfly
Eat Sell Me A God Insect Head
Ebeling Hughes Transfigured Night Butterfly (Transformation)
Echo and the Bunnymen Echo and the Bunnymen Bedbugs and Ballyhoo
Ed Kuepper The Butterfly Net  
Eddie Cochran Somethin' Else-Fine Lookin' Hi Boll Weevil
Eddie Reader Candyfloss And Medicine Butterfly Jar
Eek-A-Mouse Mouse-A-Mania Mi Brethren Roach
Eels Electro Shock Blues Ant Farm
El Caminos Reverb Explosion! Hornet's Nest
Electric Blood Electric Easter Bumble Bee
Electric Blood Electric Easter Earwig
Electric Chairmen Toast Song Of The Cricket
Elvis Costello Mighty Like A Rose Hurry Down Doomsday (Bugs Are Taking Over)
Embarrassment Heyday 1979-83 Sound Of Wasps
Emily's Sassy Lime Desperate Scared But Social Cadillac Stinger
Endeavor Crazier Than A Shithouse Rat Room Service Butterflies
Engine 88 Flies and Death 'N Stuff  
English Dogs Bow To None Surgical Cocoon
Equals Sensational Equals & Supreme Equals Butterfly Red White And Blue
Erasure Rain Plus Rain Lice in San Francisco
Eric Clapton/Jimmy Page/Beck Clapton, Page, Beck Boll Weevil Song
Erkey Grant & Earwigs Vol. 6-English Freakbeat-VA  
ESham Maggot Brain Theory Maggot Brain Theory
Etherbunny Papa Woody Flea Circus
Etherbunny Papa Woody Crippled Cricket
Eurobeats Techno Rage Magic Fly
Eurobeats Techno Rage Cocoon
Everything Super Natural Ladybug
Exene Cervenka Surface To Air Serpents Flies Without Borders
Exene Cervenka Surface To Air Serpents In The Year Of The Ant
F.U.N.O. Bee In My Bonnet  
Face On Mars Protection-VA Bug
Fad Gadget Incontinent King Of The Flies
Failure Magnified Moth
Faith & Disease Insularia Cocoon
Fall Cerebral Caustic The Aphid
Fats Domino Rock & Rollin/This Is Fats Bo Weevil
Feeding Like Butterflies Inside the Medicine Man  
Field Day Emerald And Jaded Queen Bee
Fifth Column 36C (Get The) Bug
Fila Brazillia Maim That Tune 6ft Wasp
Fire Ants Save The World  
Fire Fly swings and roundabouts  
Firefly Controlled Atmosphere  
Firehose If'n Locust
Firewater Ponzi Scheme Dropping Like Flies
Flaming Lips Zaireeka The Train Runs Over The Camel But Is Derailed By The Gnat
Flaming Lips Transmissions From The Satellite Heart Moth in the incubator
Flaming Lips Zaireeka The Big Ol' Bug Is The New Baby Now
Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Californication  
Fleabag Rock Stars Kill-VA  
Fleas Best In Bucks  
Flies of the Marketplace Droppin' like Flies  
Flies on Fire Flies on Fire  
Flipper Sex Bomb Baby! The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly
Floater Angel In The Flesh & Devil In Mosquito
Flotsam & Jetsam Cuatro Swatting At Flies
Fly Bombthreat: Before She Blows 
Fly Ashtray Tone Sensations Of The Wondermen  
Fly de Gate Fly de Gate Fly de Gate
Fly Machine Fly Machine 
Flycatcher Ovulation  
flyfisher flyfisher  
Flys Holiday Man Superfly
Flyscreen Council Pop 
Flyspeak Lateline  
Flyswatter lloyd have mercy  
Foam Big Windshield Little Mirror Ladybug
Foetus Inc. Butterfly Potion Butterfly Potion
Four Flies on Grey Velvet E Suono Rock  
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Dragonfly-Best Of I'm A King Bee (Live)
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Dragonfly-Best Of Dragonfly
Frank Zappa 200 Motels Mystery Roach
Frankie Laine New Directions Butterfly
Freddy and the Fleas Fleak Out!!!  
Freddy and the Fleas Got Fleas?  
Freddy and the Fleas FleaMusic The Fleas Theme Song (FleaMusic)
Freddy and the Fleas Flea Fly Flow Fled Waterproof Bumble Bee
Frenchy Bumps & Grinds Bumblebee
Frenchy Bumps & Grinds Busy As A Bee
From Good Homes From Good Homes The Butterfly & The Tree
Fumes Pure Bad Luck Flies
Fun K. Bee Love Or War  
Funk Inc Urban Renewal Ants In Yo Pants
Funkadelic Maggot Brain  
Future Sound The Whole Shabang, Volume 1 Star Struck (Caterpillar Style)
G.E.N.E. Visionary Voyager Honey Bees
G.G. All Stars Trojan Dub Box Set-VA Mosquito Dub
Gadflys (USA) Guru  
Galactic Cowboys At The End Of The Day Ants
Galahad Following Ghosts Bug Eye
Garbage Queer Pt.2 Butterfly Collector
Garden Into Long Night Butterfly
Gary Floyd Backdoor Preacher Man King Bee - (Kissing Cousins version)
Gary Floyd Backdoor Preacher Man Honey Bee
Gary Hoey Bug Alley Bug Alley
Gary Moore Back on the Streets What Would You Rather Bee Or Wasp
Gas Huffer Inhuman Ordeal Of Special Agent Mosquito Stomp
Gathering Of Souls Neither Moss Nor Rust Corrupts Moth
Gemstone Butterfly Butterfly
Gene The Hat Land Of 1000 Dunces:Best Of The Bug Outs-VA (Pass) The Bug
Generiks Revenge of the Dung Beetle  
Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Cuckoo cocoon
Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Fly on a windshield
George Clinton & The P-Funk All Stars Live & Kickin' Maggot Brain
Geto Boys Resurrection Niggas And Flies
Giant Ant Farm Them!  
Giant Sand Purge & Slouch Dance Of The Cicadas
Gilby Clarke Hangover Blue Grass Mosquito
Giovanni Salah Caged Bird Caterpillar
Girl Next Door Remembering Analogue Mosquitos
Girls Against Boys Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby Bug House
Glazed Baby Atomic Communists Flies
Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive- Anthology Honeybee
Glo-Worm Glimmer  
God Is My Co-Pilot Sex Is For Making Babies A Fly
God Is My Co-Pilot Sex Is For Making Babies (Fly) Tanja
God Lives Underwater For The Masses-VA Fly On The Windscreen
Godflesh Streetcleaner Locust Furnace
Golden Lake Diner Letters Home The Flies
Goldie Saturnz Return Dragonfly
Goo Goo Dolls Jed Sex Maggot
Gore Beyond Necropsy Noise-A-Go-Go Cock Rock Roach
Grainger Phase I Mantis
Grasshopper Grasshopper  
Grasshopper & Golden Crickets Orbit Of Eternal Grace Univac Bug Track
Grasshopper Highway Come what may  
Grasshopper Takeover Gaia  
Grateful Dead Fillmore East 2/11/69 I'm A King Bee
Gravel Pit Silver Gorilla Mosquito
Graveyard Rodeo On The Verge Roaches
Gravitar Chinga Su Corazon Grasshopper
Great Kat Beethoven On Speed Flight of the Bumble Bee
Grifters Ain't My Lookout Covered With Flies
Groove Collection We The People Caterpillar
Guided By Voices Bee Thousand  
Guided By Voices Same Place the Fly Got Smashed  
Guided By Voices Mag Earwhig! Mag Earwhig!
Gumball Wisconsin Hayride Butterfly Potion
Gun Club Death Party Boll Weevil Man
Gwar Scumdogs of the Universe Maggots
H2O Nobody's Business (Bees Wax Dub)
Hair & Skin Trading Company Psychedelische Musique Ichneumen Fly
Halo Of Flies Music For Insect Minds Death Of A Fly
Halo Of Flies Music For Insect Minds D.D.T. Beat 69
Halo Of Flies Music For Insect Minds D.D.T. Fin 13
Hammerhead Ethereal Killer Louse
Hammerhead Ethereal Killer Fly
Happy Family Toscco The Three Leaves Insect
Harold Budd By The Dawn's Early Light Dead Horse Alive With Flies
Harry Nilsson Nilsson Sings Newman The Beehive State
Hawkwind Best Of Friends & Relations Lord Of The Hornets
Heart Dog & Butterfly Dog & Butterfly
Heatfly Visiting Hills Heatfly
Heavy Vegetable The Amazing Undersea Adventures Of Aquakitty... Termites
Helium Magic City Lullaby Of The Moths
Helium No Guitars Bees
Hentchmen Ultra Hentch Mothball
Hentchmen Ultra Hentch Fly Catcher
Herb Alpert Greatest Hits The Spanish Flea
Herbaliser Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks 
Heywood Banks Treated and Released Red ants
Heywood Banks If Pigs Had Wings Fly's eyes
Hi Fi And The Roadburners Live In Fear City Dead Bug
Higher Ground Better View Butterfly Tar
Hippopotamus Hippopotamus Insect Collector
Hippycrickets Inconceivable!!! 
His Name Is Alive Stars On E.S.P. The Bees
Hollies Butterfly Butterfly
Hollywood Flames Buzz Buzz Buzz Two Little Bees
Honcho Overload Pour Another Drink Bug
Honey and the Bees Bzzz Honey and the Bees
Honeydogs Everything I Bet You Moth
Honeyrods The Honeyrods Love Bee
Hornets Hornets/Cowboy Coffee 
Horse Flies Human Fly Human Fly
Hot Damn Big Fat Lover Beehive
Huevos Rancheros Endsville The Moth Dance
Huge Baby Super Frankenstein The Locust
Hum Comin' Home Aphids
Humble Pie Humble Pie Only A Roach
Humpers Positively Sick On 4th Street Insect Liberation
Hungry Locust Bid Day 
Husker Du Land Speed Record Do The Bee
Hypnolovewheel Space Mountain Bronze Bug
I Love You Live Flies
Ian Gillan Scarabus Scarabus
Icarus Kamikaze Moth
Icicle Works Icicle Works As The Dragonfly Flies
Iggy Pop Pop Music Loco mosquito
Imbue Resurrected Insect
Incorporated Thang Band Lifestyles Of The Roach & Famous 
Ingrid Schroeder Bee Charmer  
Insane Clown Posse Ringmaster For The Maggots
Insect Complete works 1997-1998 Insect
Insect Funeral Swarm Of Drones  
Insect Jazz Hum & Buzz  
Insect Opera Swill  
Insect Surfers Reverb Sun 
Insects Return To The Foreign Legion  
Ipecac Loop Demonstrations Of Ex Mountains And Fleas
Iron Butterfly Metamorphosis Butterfly Bleu
Iron Butterfly Heavy Iron Butterfly Theme
Iron Maiden The X Factor Lord Of The Flies
It Thing The Otbjbdtjae Here Come the Flies
J.J. Cale Grasshopper Grasshopper
Jackie Brenston Chess Rhythm & Roll Leo The Louse
Jackie Fly Click  
Jade Warrior Jade Warrior Dragonfly Day
Jale So Wound Mosquito
Jam Bitterest Pill Butterfly Collector
James Brown Make It Funky The Big Payback I Got Ants In My Pants
James Stewart Season Of The Butterfly  
Jane Siberry Maria Honey Bee
Jansen/Barbieri/Karn Seed Insect Tribe
Jazz Jamaica Double Barrel Butterfly
Jefferson Starship Dragon Fly  
Jennyanykind Mythic Mosquito
Jermaine Jackson Jermaine Jackson Escape From the Planet of the Ants
Jerry Lee Lewis Locust Years & Return To The Promised Land  
Jesus Christ Superfly Jesus Christ Superfly 
Jesus Lizard Down Fly on the wall
Jethro Tull Heavy Horses Moths
Jewel Akens Best Of Jewel Akens Birds and the Bees
Jim Carroll Praying Mantis Praying Mantis
Jimi Hendrix Flashing Hornets Nest
Jimmibeetles Rock Theatre Story Of Jimmibeetles  
Jimmy 4 Giuffre Dragonfly Dragonfly
Jimmy Page Before The Balloon Went Up Boll Weevil Song
Jiusy King Have To Get You Butterfly
Joe Satriani Joe Satriani Killer Bee Bop
Joe Satriani Dreaming #11 Hordes of Locusts
John Cale Walking On Locusts  
John Hiatt Overcoats I Killed An Ant With My Guitar
John Kerr Castles In The Sky Like A Moth To The Frame
John Monopoly Head Shaking Time In The Offic Moth
John Parish Dance Hall at Louse Point 
Johnny & The Hurricanes Greatest Hits Beatnik Fly
Johnny & The Roccos Great Scots! Grasshopper Rock
Jonathan Richman Radio On Stop & Shop Hey There Little Insect
JonathanRichman/Modern Lovers Back In Your Life I'm Nature's Mosquito
Josh Wink Higher State Of Consciousness 96 Remixes Mr.Spring's Maggott Mix
Joy Electric Melody Bee Hoping
Joy the Bug Many mighty massive malls  
Joydrop Metasexual Cocoon
Jr. Gone Wild Simple Little Wish Dropping Like Flies
Julia Douglass Fetish For The Underdog Beehive
Justin Warfield Supernaut The Justin Warfield Supernaut Molasses & The Butterfly
K.B./Lil' Flea Blood & Tears WKB & flea
Kansas Box Set Father Padilla Meets The Perfect Gnat
Kansas Leftoverture Gnat Attack
Kate Jacobs Hydrangea Honeybees
Katydids Katydids
Kazuyuki K. Null Aurora March Of The Metal Insect
Keisa Brown Keisa Brown Collection Fly on the wall
Kenny Larkin Metamorphe Butterflies
Keoki Ego Trip Caterpillar
Kepone Ugly Dance Fly Bop
Kepone Kepone  
Kevin Hearn Mothball Mint  
Kevin Kern In The Enchanted Garden Butterfly
Kevin Kern Summer Daydream Dance Of The Dragonfly
KHZ Cryogenic Sleep Fly On The Windscreen
Killer Bee Cracked Up  
Killer Bees Groovin'  
Killer Pussy Bikini Wax Rockabilly Earwig
Killer Tweeker Bees The Tweeker Blues 
Killing Joke Extremities Dort Inside The Termite Mound
King Fly Aquamarine Scene  
King Of Kings King Of Kings Locust
King Tubby Dub Explosion Mosquito Dub Gg
Kingbees Kingbees  
King's X Dogman Flies And Blue Skies
Kinks Preservation Act 1 Cricket
Kit Watkins Holographic Tapestries Elephants & Ants
Knowadverbs Syllabus Call Of The Dung Bettle
Kory & the Fireflies Sparks Fly  
Koxbox Forever After Insect & Insect Bite
Kris Kristofferson/Rita Coolidge Natural Act Silver Mantis
Kristin Hersh Strange Angels Some Catch Flies
K's Choice Cocoon Crash Cocoon Crash
K's Choice Extra Cocoon All Access 
K's Choice Cocoon Crash Butterflies Instead
Kumo Kaminari Butterfly
Kurt Riemann Gaia Bali/Cicada
Kyuss Blues For The Red Sun Caterpillar March
L. Kage Brazilliant One Day The Butterfly
Labelle Chameleon Gypsy Moths
Ladybug Ladybug  
Ladybug Transistor Albemarle Sound  
Lard Pure Chewing Satisfaction Moths
Larva Waiting for Daybreak 
Larval 2  
Laswell/Thaemlitz Web Insectoidal Regression
Lay Quiet Awhile Delicate Wire Hunger Of The Ant Mutants
Leatherface Mush Bowl Of Flies
Leaving Trains The Lump In My Forehead She's Got Bugs
Lee Ranaldo East Jesus Locusts
Lee Ranaldo / Locusts Out Of Their Mouth Mk.2
Lee Ritenour Best Of Lee Ritenour Caterpillar
Lee Ritenour Earth Run Butterfly
Leeway Open Mouth Kiss Hornet's Nest
Legendary Pink Dots Stone Circles Fifteen Flies in the Marmalade
Legendary Pink Dots Malachai--Shadow Weaver, Part 2 Kingdom Of The Flies
Legion Leviathan Locust Visitor
Lennon Family Dance of Honey Bees 
Lenny Kravitz Mama Said Butterfly
Lice Slice Of Lemon-VA  
Lida Husik Return Of Red Emma Hopi Ants
Lil' Fly Stick & Move
Limblifter Limblifter Beard Of Bees
Limp Pop & Disorderly Bug Dance
Liquor Giants Every Other Day At A Time It's Raining Butterflies
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Spanish Fly  
Little River Band After Hours The Butterfly
Lively Ones Surf Rider Caterpillar Crawl
Liz Callaway Anywhere I Wander Inchworm
Lizzy Borden Visual Lies Lord Of The Flies
Lloyd Cole Don't Get Weird On Me, Babe Butterfly
Locust Morning Light  
Locust Fudge Business Express  
London After Midnight Selected Scenes From The End... Spider And The Fly
Lonely Trailer Lonely Trailer Bowl Of Bugs
Longmont Potion Castle V.2 Best Of Waspwunnies
Loop Guru Loop Bites Dog Riley's Ants
Looper Up A Tree Burning Flies
Lords Of Acid Voodoo-U The Crab Louse - (Van Acker mix)
Lords Of Acid Voodoo-U The Crab Louse
Los Hornets Home Alive-Art Of Self-Defense  
Los Straitjackets Velvet Touch Of Los Straitjack Hornet's Nest
Lotion Telephone Mr. Mosquito
Lotus Crown Chokin' On The Jokes Blue Arse Fly
Lotus Crown Chokin' On The Jokes Swallow The Bee
Loud Lucy Breathe Fleas
Loudness Disillusion Butterfly
Lounge Fly Aggravation 
Loveliescrushing Bloweyelashwish Butterfly
L'Trimm Groovy Love Bug
Luis Perez Tales Of Astral Travelers Insectos
Lullaby For The Working Class Blanket Warm Queen Of The Long-legged Insects
Lunar Drive Here At Black Mesa, Arizona Brrds And Bugs
Lutefisk Deliver From Porcelain: Theme & Variations Asymmetric Bee Factory
Luxt Disrepair Locust
Lynn August Creole People Mosquito
M.C. Ant Comeback 91  
Mabel Joy Wish I Was Buzzin' Fly
Madfly White Hot in the Black  
Mae Moore Dragonfly 
Maggotron Early Maggots/Best Of Maggotron  
Maggotron Bass Planet Paranoia Maggot Brain
Maggots From Mars Trance League-VA  
Malaka Pa Rete Ayin-Sounds Of The Ant  
Malcom McClaren Fans Death Of Butterfly
Malcom McClaren Fans Madam Butterfly
Mamas & The Papas People Like Us Grasshopper
Man Eating Ant Demo Tape Butterfly Web
Man Jumping World Service The Bug Swing
Man O war Kings of Metal Sting of the bumblebee
Mannheim Steamroller Classical Gas Katydid's Ditty
Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire 3 Cricket
Mantis Hey Drag City-VA 
Mantronix This Should Move Ya' Stone Cold Roach
Mariah Carey Butterfly Butterfly
Mariah Carey Butterfly Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)
Marta Marta Marta Marta A Taste Of A Honeybee
Martha & The Muffins Far Away In Time Insect Love
Martin Barre Trick Of Memory Bug C
Martin Barre Trick Of Memory Bug Bee
Martin Barre Trick Of Memory Bug
Marx Rootschilt Tillermann Nightingales & Butterflies  
Master Program Electronic Classix - VA Total Fire Ant Control
Max Lasser's Ark Timejump Butterfly's Joy
Maybees Maybees Blue Butterflies
Mayflies USA Mayflies USA  
Mayflyer Audio Ravers Mayflyer Anthem
Meanies 100 Percent Weird Eating Roaches
Melting Euphoria Upon Solar Winds Scarab Sands
Melvins Stoner Witch June Bug
Mephiskapheles God Bless Satan The Bumble Bee Tuna Song
Mercury Rev Yerself Is Steam Chasing A Bee
Merl Saunders And Friends Fire Up Soul Roach
Meryn Cadell Angel Food For Thought Bumble Bee
Metal Flake Mother Beyond The Java Sea Squash Beetle
Michael Deep Thru The Harp Butterfly
Michael E. Johnson and the Killer Bees (reggae) Live In Berlin  
Michael Franks Dragonfly Summer 
Michael Hedges Breakfast In The Field Eleven Small Roaches
Michael Lee Firkins Michael Lee Firkins Space Crickets
Michael Nesmith Tropical Campfires Yellow Butterfly
Mighty Mighty Bosstones Let's Face It That Bug Bit Me
Mike Keneally Hat My Immense Superiority Over The Silverfish
Mike Patton Adult Themes For Voice Butterfly In A Glass Maze
Mike Watt Ball-Hog Or Tugboat? Maggot Brain
Milk Ear Earwig
Milkshakes 19th Nervous Shakedown The Green Hornet
Milky Fly Mesilla Valley Madness 
Mindfunk Dropped 11 Ton Butterfly
Miquel Brown More Fresh V.2-VA Beeline
Miranda Sex Garden Suspiria Willie Biddle And His Waltzing Maggot
Miriodor Elastic Juggling Le Dresseur de Chenilles (The Caterpillar Tamer)
Misfits Earth A.D. Queen Wasp
Mission UK Carved In Sand Butterfly On A Wheel
Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott Supa Dupa Fly The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
Mistle Thrush Super Refraction Moth-like
Mitchell Rasor Waterloo In Reverse Termites
Modern Lovers Live Don't land on me and bite me, no
Modest Mouse Lonesome Crowded West Doin' The Cockroach
Moe No Doy Moth
Mofungo Bugged  
Moloko Do You Like My Tight Sweater ? Butterfly 747
Mommyheads Bingham's Hole Queen Of The Ant Race
Money Mark Mark's Keyboard Repair Insects Are All Around Us
Monkees The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees  
Monks Of Doom The Insect God 
Monorchid Who Put Out The Fire? Beard Of Bees
Monroe Mustang Plain Sweeping Themes For The Unprepared The Bees
Moon Crickets Relic of a Simple Life 
Moon Seven Times Sunburnt Bug Collection
Moonpools & Caterpillars Lucky Dumpling  
Moose Honey Bee 
Moro Pieces Of Anda Mosquito's Dream
Mortician Hacked Up For Barbecue Eaten Alive By Maggots
Mosquito The Mosquito Saga  
Mosquito Oh No, Not Another Mosquito, My House Is Full Of Them. 
Mosquito Bitten Bastards Happiness is Whatever You Want it to Be 
Mosquitos, Bursting Lyrical Stylings For The Mentally Impared  
Moth Macabre Moth Macabre 
moth wranglers Pixies Fuckin' Die!  
Mother Head Bug I Zambodia  
Mother of Moth Mother of Moth  
Mothman An Evening at New Road  
Motley Crue Motley Crue Droppin Like Flies
Mouse On Mars Autoditacker Maggots Hell Wigs
Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos Rat Fink Collection Termites In My Woody
Mr. Mirainga Mr. Mirainga Ants & Bees
Mr. T Experience Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood  
Murmurs The Murmurs Bumble Bees
Mute-Ants Terrible Tunes Of The Mute-Ant  
Mute-Ants Planet Of The Mute Ants  
Mu-Ziq Vol. 1-2-Urmur Bile Trax Hornet
Muzza Chunka Fishy Pants Insects & Condiments
My Name Wet Hills & Big Wheels From a Gnat's Perspective/Jolt
My Superhero Solid State 14 Sympathy For The Ants
Mynde The Tempest Where The Bee...
Nailbomb Point Blank Cockroaches
Namanax Monstrous The Larval Stage
Negativland Points A Bee Fly
Neon Philharmonic Moth Confesses 
NeriousJoseph/Tenor Fly Let's Play 
Neurosis Through Silver In Blood Locust Star
New Idol Son Reach Butterfly
Nice The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack Flower King Of Flies
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds From Her To Eternity Wings Off Flies
Night Trains Miles Away Dance of Drunken Mantis
Nightblooms The Nightblooms Butterfly Girl
Nik Turner Past Or Future? Lord Of The Hornets
Nina Hagen Bee Happy  
Nixons Nixons Butterfly
No F-X Maximum Rock N' Roll Ant Attack
No Man Whamon Express Red Ants IV
No Trend Teen Love-Early Months Mindless little insects
Nocturnal Breed Aggressor Maggot Monster
Noel W. Sanger Selections Dragonfly
Nofx Punk In Drublic Fleas
Norman Connors This Is Your Life Butterfly
Nosferatu Lord Of The Flies Lord Of The Flies
Nuisance Sunny Side Down Worker Bee
Nunchukka Superfly Nunchukka Superfly  
Nuno Bettancourt Guitars that Rule the World-VA Bumble Bee (Crash Landing)
Ny Loose Year Of The Rat Dragonfly
Odds Bedbugs  
Offbeats Offbeats Steve got the Fly
Oingo Boingo Nothing to fear Insects
Olivia Newton-John Soul Kiss Moth To A Flame
Olson/Taylor Too Hot For Snakes Who Put The Sting On The Honeybee?
Omicron Acrocosm Caterpillar To Butterfly
Optical 8 Bug  
Orange cricket project she is angels 
Osamu Kitajima Face To Face Waterman Beetle
Outer Space Superwinners-VA Flaming Box Of Ants
P.W. Long/Reelfoot Push Me Again Fly Trap Lair
Pablo Moses Revolutionary Dream I Man A Grasshopper
Pain Teens Born In Blood/Case Histories Bug In A Can
Pam Tate Dancing On The Pyramids Moth To A Flame
Pansy Division Undressed Crabby day
Papa Roach Old Friends from Young Years  
Paper Tulips Insects 
Paper Tulips Small Bee Helicopter Type  
Paper Tulips Sound Tape Recording Cricket
Pat Kelly Butterflies Butterflies
Paul Horn/R. Carlos Nakai Inside Canyon De Chelly Beehive
Paul McCartney Red Rose Speedway Little Lamb Dragonfly
Paul Newman Frames Per Second Enter The Empire Of The Ants
Paul Weller Paul Weller Amongst Butterflies
Pearl Jam Live On Two Legs Red Mosquito
Pegboy Earwig 
Peglegasus Bacon, Lettuce & Tornado Moth Man
Pell Mell Interstate Butterfly Effect
Penguin Caféfect Penguin Cafe Orchestra The Ecstasy Of Dancing Fleas
Pep Squad Yreka Bakery Birds And Fleas
Pete Dello &Friends Into Your Ears...Plus Harry The Earwig
Peter Blegvad Just Woke Up Bee Dream
Peter Calo Cape Ann The White Ant
Peter Hammill Silent Corner & The Empty Stag A Louse Is Not A Home
Petrol 3 High Explosive Fly  
Pharcyde Runnin' Emerald Butterfly
Phoenix Thunderstone Stained Glass Trash Gypsy Moth
Phonosycograph Disk Ancient Termites  
Pierre Herbineaux/Penn Arizona Blues Train Flight Of The Killer Bee
Pitchshifter Infotainment? (We're Behaving Like) Insects
Plan BEE Masterplan  
Plateau Paradigm Shift-VA Grasshopper
Playa Fly Fly Shit Fly Shit
Point Fingernoid Slink White Cocoon
Polvo Shapes Enemy Insects
Pond The Practice Of Joy Before Death Carpenter Ant
Poobah The Rock Collection Walk Of The Bug
Poogie Bear/Mark V Bam Bam Vol. 3-House Blend Ants In Da Pants
Pop Defect Don't Be Hateful A Fly In A Cyclone
Pop Defect Don't Be Hateful Moth
Porch of an Angry Grasshoppper The warped locust  
Powerman 5000 Mega!! Kung Fu Radio Public Menace, Freak, Human Fly
Praying Mantis Praying Mantis Praying Mantis
Presidents Of The United State Presidents Of The United State Boll Weevil
Prodigy Music For The Jilted Generation Claustrophobic Sting
Professor & Maryann Lead Us Not Into Penn Station Flea Circus
Psychic TV Beyond Thee Infinite Beat Stick Insect - (remix)
Psychic TV The Origin Of The Species: A... Stick Insect - (Monitor mix)
Psygone Optimystique Strange Cocoon
Psywarfare Exotic Sounds Of Pete Centi: Enters The Harem Of The Earwig
Queen Sarah Saturday Weave Bee
R.O.C. R.O.C. Gold Bug
Rachel Portman Addicted To Love Soundtrack Cockroaches
Radiators Party On Honey From The Bee
Railway Children Recurrence Chrysalis
Random Order Superwinners-VA UV Fly
Randy Newman Randy Newman The Beehive State
Rasputina How We Quit The Forest MayFly
Rasputina Thanks For The Ether Five Fleas
Rattlemouth Fist Full Of Iffy Wooden Bee
Rattlemouth Fist Full Of Iffy Head Lice
Ray Manzarek Golden Scarab The Golden Scarab
Rebel Pebbles Girls Talk Eskimo And Butterfly
Red Aunts Drag  
Red House Painters Red House Painters Dragonflies
Redbug No Muffins For Shadow Palmetto Bug
Refuge Cru Strictly Business-VA Hornet 127
Reivers Pop Beloved Dragon Flies
Reluctant Toby The Ultimate Hobby Vindictive Junebug
Reluctant Toby The Ultimate Hobby Finicky Termite
Reluctant Toby The Ultimate Hobby Pensive Bumblebee
Reluctant Toby The Ultimate Hobby Enigmatic Cricket
Reluctant Toby The Ultimate Hobby Stately Pavane 'O Walkin' Stick
Reluctant Toby The Ultimate Hobby Giddy Meal Worm
Reluctant Toby The Ultimate Hobby The Agitaated Ant
Reluctant Toby The Ultimate Hobby Sprightly Ladybug
Repulsion VA-Corporate Death Maggots In Your Coffin
Residents Fingerprince/Tourniquet Of Roses Flight Of The Bumble Roach
Reuben Wilson Love Bug Love Bug
Rhett Miller Mythologies Cicada Song
Richard Julian Richard Julian You & The Roaches & Me
Richard Leo Johnson Fingertip Ship Thirteen Year Emergence Suite: Cicada
Richard Leo Johnson Fingertip Ship Thirteen Year Emergence Suite: The Filing
Richard Leo Johnson Fingertip Ship Thirteen Year Emergence Suite: Bluefield
Richard Leo Johnson Fingertip Ship Thirteen Year Emergence Suite: Get Funked
Richard Thompson Henry the Human Fly 
Riou Exhibition Of The Samples Flea Pedler
Roach Motel Style Anthology Am:Pm-VA  
Roachpowder Viejo Diablo  
Rob Brown (Pop) Breathe Rhyme Beehive
Robert Calvert Freq The Green Fly And The Rose
Robert Calvert Freq Lord Of The Hornets
Robert Palmer Woke Up Laughing Honey Bee
Robey One Night In Bangkok Moth To A Flame
Robin Spielberg In The Arms Of The Wind Butterfly
Robyn Hitchcock Greatest Hits Madonna Of The Wasps
Robyn Hitchcock & Egyptians Fegmania! Insect Mother
Robyn Hitchcock & Egyptians Fegmania! The Fly
Roger Glover The Butterfly Ball
Rolling Stones Rolling Stones King bee
Rolling Stones Stripped Spider And The Fly
Royal Trux Thank You Shadow Of The Wasp
Rude Club Locust Locust
Ruins Stonehenge B.U.G.
Rumble Bees Listen to the Rumble Bees  
Ryuichi Sakamoto End Of Asia Grasshoppers
Rza Rza As Bobby Digital In Stereo Mantis
Samuel Lives Of Insects  
Sarah Brightman Fly Fly
Sarah Brightman Fly The Fly
Satanic Surfers Hero Of Our Time Use A Bee
Satan's Cheerleaders Paint It Black, You Devil 2,000 Pound Bee
Saturn's Flea Collar Monosyllabic  
Savage Hyperactive All Set To Sting
Scarab Scarab  
Scarabaeus Mortification  
Scrawl Bloodsucker Love's Insecticide
Screamin' Jay Hawkins Cow Fingers & Mosquito Pie
Screaming Trees Sweet Oblivion Butterfly
Searchers EP Collection Bumble Bee
Sebadoh Freed Weed Ladybugs
Seed Ling Ladybug
Seed Ling Mariposa
Seeds A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues Moth And The Flame
Severed Heads Bulkhead Hot With Fleas
Shabba Ranks Just Reality Crab-Louse A Go Round
Shack Waterpistol Dragonfly
Shallow High Flyin' Kid Stuff You Give Me Butterflies
Sham 69 The Game Lord Of The Flies
Sheila E Sex Cymbal Droppin' Like Flies
Shelley Hirsch O Little Town Of East New York Killing The Ants
Shinobu Sato Red Dragonfly Red Dragonfly
Shocking Blue At Home Boll Weevil
Shoeflies Loudmouth Jimmy 
Shonen Knife Let's Knife Insect Collector
Shrimp Boat Duende Bumble Bees
Sick Bees On The One Bed Bugs
Silkworm In the West  
Silverfish Organ Fan This Bug
Simon Chardiet Bug Bite Daddy Bug Bite Daddy
Siouxsie & The Banshees Kiss In The Dream House Cocoon
Sirus Dancing Butterflies  
Sister Soleil Soularium Butterfly
Six Feet Under Alive & Dead Insect
Skeletal Earth Eulogy For A Dying Fetus Fat Maggot
Skinny Puppy Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse Gods Gift (Maggot)
Skullflower Transformer Cicada
Sky Cries Mary Moonbathing On Sleeping Leaves Insectoria
Sky Cries Mary Moonbathing On Sleeping Leaves An Ant, The Stars, An Owl And Its Prey
Skyclad The Silent Whales Of Lunar Sea Halo Of Flies
Slade Beginnings Roach Daddy
Slant 6 Inzombia Ladybug Superfly
Sleep Capsule Pink Eye Bee Vs. Spider
Sleeze Beez Powertool  
Slush North Hollywood Cocoon
Sly & Robbie Overdrive In Overdub Sting
Smack Dab Majestic Root Red Ant
Smashing Pumpkins Aeroplane Flies High Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Smoke 'N' Fly Keep It Real  
Snatches Of Pink Bent With Pray Haze Of Flies
Soft Boys A Can Of Bees  
Solid Frog Pepper Spray Lice
Sonic Youth Dirty Drunken Butterfly
Sonny Boch's Elephants Land Of 1000 Dunces:Best Of The Bug Outs-VA Beetle Squash
Sons Of Abraham Termites In His Smile  
Soulfly Soulfly Soulfly
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger Drawing Flies
Source (Ft Candi Staton) You Got The Love Farley & Heller Roachin'
Southern Culture On The Skids Peckin' Party Cicada
Spahn Ranch Coiled One Locusts
Spanish Fly (Rap) Trust No Man 
Spare Snare Spare Snare Bugs
Special Generation Butterflies Butterflies
Spectre Illness Elephant, Mosquito
Spelunkers Breakfast Is America Bees
Spiders The Imperial Sessions Honey Bee
Splendora In The Grass Bee String Lips
Sportsguitar Happy Already Chasing Bugs
Squidboy Kids Talk To Killers Carrot Bug
Stalin Mushi (Insect)  
Stan Ridgway Mosquitos 
Startled Insects Curse Of The Pheromones  
Steel Pole Bathtub Lurch/Butterfly Love Bee Sting
Steel Pole Bathtub Some Cocktail Suggestions The Wasp Jar
Steve Hackett A Midsummer Night's Dream Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth & Mustard Seed
Steve Howe Mothballs  
Steve Stoll Blunted Boy Wonder Mosquito
Steven Wright I Have A Pony Ants
Stevie Ray Vaughn Couldn't Stand the Weather Honey bee
Stevie Wonder Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants Venus Flytrap And The Bug
Stickmen Life Colored Green Bug
Stiltskin The Mind's Eye Sunshine And Butterflies
Sting Soul Cages  
Stink!#bug Dynamic Domination  
Stir Stir Lady Bug
Stone Temple Pilots Purple Vaseline
Stone Temple Pilots Purple Army Ants
Stone Temple Pilots Purple Lounge Fly
Stonefly Stonefly  
Strange Cargo Hinterland Kiss Of The Bee
Stretch Elastique Buzz Fly
Subsurfing Frozen Ants Frozen Ants
Suede Chain Piloted By Ghosts One Fly's Wing
Sugar Bee Good Morning Universe  
Sugar Plant Happy-Trance Mellow Butterfly
Sugarbees Bad Bad Business  
Sugarcubes Here Today Tomorrow Next Week Bee
Sugarspoon Sugarspoon Butterfly Breeze
Suicide Commandos Make A Record Mosquito Crucifixion
Sun Sawed In 1/2 Fizzy Lift Dragonfly
Supaflies Rambarded
Supercuz Judy Get Down Birds And Bees
Superfuzz Godzilla Godzilla - (Moth mix)
Supergroove Traction Bugs & Critters
Supernaturals It Doesn't Matter Anymore Dung Beetle
Swamp Dogg The Best 25 Years Of Swamp Dogg The Love We Got Ain't Worth Two Dead Flies
Sweaty Nipples Bug Harvest  
Sweet Alive & Giggin'! Cockroach
Sweet Pea Chicks Hate Wess Bug Spray
Swing Out Sister The Living Return Butterfly
Switchblade Symphony Bread & Jam For Frances Insect
Swoon 23 Legendary Ether Pony Cicadas
Tad Infrared Riding Hood Emotional Cockroach
Tad Inhaler Throat Locust
Tadpoles He Fell Into The Sky Butterfly
Talvin Singh O.K. Butterfly
Tao Esoteric Red Larvae
Tea Party Transmission Army Ants
Telegraph Martian Chronicles Here Come The Bugs
Termites Do the Rock Steady  
Terror Fabulous Yaga Yaga Broke Wine Butterfly
They Might Be Giants Factory Showroom XTC Vs. Adam Ant
They Might Be Giants Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Ant
Thin White Rope One That Got Away Ants Are Cavemen
Thinking Fellers Union Local 2 Mother Of All Saints Hornet's Heart
This Kind Of Punishment A Beard Of Bees  
Thorazine Vicious Cycle Instinct Like A Moth
Thought Industry Black Umbrella Earwig
Thought Industry Songs For Insects Songs For Insects
Throb Vol. 2-Wax Trax! Mastermix-VA Grasshopper
Throbbing Gristle 2nd Annual Report Maggot Death
Thurston Moore Psychic Hearts Queen Bee And Her Pals
Tilt Play Cell Locust
Tilt Play Cell Butterfly (single)
Tim Buckley Happy Sad Buzzin' Fly
Tina B Best Of Tina B Honey To A Bee
Tito & Tarantula Tarantism Angry Cockroaches
Tlm Orgasmatronic Dragonflymania
Toad The Wet Sprocket Dulcinea Fly From Heaven
Toad The Wet Sprocket Fear Butterflies
Tommy Steele Rock'n'roll Years Butterfly
Toothpaste 2000 Fine, Cool, With Love, Best Befriend A Bug
Tornados Archive Dragonfly
Totally Insane Goin' Insane Maggot Ass Bitches
Towa Tei Butterfly Butterfly
Towa Tei Butterfly Chrysalis
Tower Of Power We Came To Play Love Bug
Toy Dolls Fat Bob's Feet Bitten by a Bed Bug!
Transwave Helium Insect tribe
Trash Mihiwaka Moth To The Flame
Tribal Drift Complete Dubnology-VA Ants
Triffids Black Swan Butterflies Into Worms
Trumans Water Godspeed The Punchline Ant smashes Yer Star
Tse Tse Fly Mudflat Joey 
Tune Rockers All-Time Great Instrumental Hits V.2-VA Green Mosquito
Turn On Turn On Electrocation Of Fire Ants
Twenty Ton Fly Transcending  
Two Thousand & Two Chrysalis Spinning The Silk
Two Thousand & Two Chrysalis Cocoon
Two Thousand & Two Chrysalis Chrysalis
U.S. Bombs War Birth Beetle Boot
U2 Zooropa The Fly
Udo Solid Hate Stinger
Ugly Americans Stereophonic Spanish Fly  
Ugly Kid Joe America's Least Wanted Busy Bee
Ultra Montanes Weird Turn Pro Insects
Ultraviolet Eye Heroin Geek, The Movie Caterpillar
U-Men Step on a Bug  
Unsane Unsane Maggot
Urinals Negative Capability...Check It Out I'm A Bug
VA Drum & Bass Hornet
VA Inhaled 2 Black Bugs
VA Dragonfly Classix  
VA Monsters Robots & Bug Men  
VA Day My Favourite Insect Died  
VA Bee Not Afraid...  
Valve Pulling Legs Off Flies 
Van Halen Diver down The Full Bug
Van Halen Van Halen II Spanish Fly
Vandals When In Rome Do As The Vandals I'm a Fly
Venom P. Stinger Tearbucketer  
Ventures Ventures 2000 Pound Bee (Part 2)
Ventures Ventures 2000 Pound Bee (Part 1)
Ventures Batman/T.V. Themes Green Hornet '66'
Vertebrats A Thousand Day Dream Honey Bee
Verve Storm In Heaven Butterfly
Videodrone Videodrone Ant In The Dope
Vidna Obmana Memories Compiled 1 Insects To Harmony
Vigilantes Of Love Slow Dark Train Love Cocoon
Vigilantes Of Love Slow Dark Train Locust Years
Vision Of Disorder Imprint Locust Of The Dead Earth
Voice Of The Beehive Let It Bee  
Voivod Killing Technology Cockroaches
Voivod Negatron Insect
Wall of voodoo Dark Continent TseTse fly
Wallflowers Wallflowers Honeybee
Wanna-Bees Small Time Heroes  
War World Is A Ghetto Beetles In The Bog
War Called Peace Yuppie Ghetto Maggot Mentality (Donahue)
Way 2 Real Tha Butterfly Tha Butterfly
Webb Wilder Hybrid Vigor Wild honey
Ween Pure Guava Flies On My Dick
Weevils Trippin' In The 60's-VA We're The Weevils
Weezer Pinkerton Butterfly
Weird Al Yankovic Bad Hair Day Bullet With Butterfly Wings
White Noise An Electric Storm Here Come The Fleas
White Winged Moth I Can See Inside Your House  
Who Two's Missing Wasp Man
Why? Things Burn Symbols Butterfly
Why? Things Burn Before You Sleep Mosquito
Why? Things Burn Symbols Midge
Widespread Panic Bombs & Butterflies  
Wig Wireland Dragonfly
Wild Swans Space Flower Butterfly Girl
Wild Turkey Battle Hymn Butterfly
Willard Grand Conspiracy Weevils In The Captains Biscuit  
William Carlos Williams White Women And You're Stuck In Traffic While Your Piano's Home Having Cocktails With The Termites
William Eaton Wisdom Tree Grasshopper Point
Willie & The Poor Boys Willie & The Poor Boys Sugar Bee
Wilson Pickett Pickett In Philadelphia Bumble Bee (Sting Me)
Win Kowa Discovery Drive Cocoon
Wire Chairs Missing I am the Fly
Woodpecker Uno Bees Knees
Wormhole Star Chicks Dig Scars Butterflies
Wumpscut Born Again Embryodead - (Cockroach modified)
Wu-Tang Killa Bees Swarm Fatal Sting
X (Rap) Vol. 1-Don't Touch That Stereo Butterfly '98
Xorcist Nomad Insect
XTC English Settlement Fly on the wall
Xtra Large Now I Eat Them Caterpillar
Yami Bolo Fighting For Peace Officials Are Like Locust
Yamo Time Pie Mosquito
Yellowcake Hard Trax Electric Fly
Yen Town Band Swallowtail Butterfly Swallowtail Butterfly
Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band Fly Fly
You Fantastic! Homesickness Robot Insects
Zumpano Goin' Through Changes Behind The Beehive
ZZ Top Rhythmeen Black Fly

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