Click on the firework name to see a YouTubeTM video of it going off. Click on the thumbnail photo to see a larger image of the package.
This page lists all fireworks used as data in my study in cultural entomology (Coelho, J.R. Insects in fireworks. In preparation.)
Name Package
Beehive embiggen
Hornet Jamboree embiggen
Hornet's Nest embiggen
Crickets embiggen
Fireflies embiggen
Fire Flies embiggen
Black Widow embiggen
Sky Web embiggen
Butterfly & Flowers embiggen
Caterpillar embiggen
Cricket embiggen
Ladybug embiggen
Spider embiggen
Yellow Bee embiggen
Killer Bee embiggen
Dancing Dragonfly embiggen
Mad Bee embiggen
Spring Butterflies embiggen
Spring Butterfly embiggen
Killer Hornet embiggen
Lady Bugs embiggen
Green Wasp embiggen
Maneating Bee embiggen
Butterfly Rocket embiggen
Clustering Bees Rockets embiggen
Scorpion embiggen
New Small Bees embiggen

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